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Nano Japan Canzyme - Increases Immune System, Relieves Fatigu

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Premium Beauty & Health Supplements
NANO JAPANPremium Beauty & Health Supplements
Sold by:
Premium Beauty & Health Supplements
NANO JAPANPremium Beauty & Health Supplements

Key Information

[[PRODUCT INFO]]: (1).. It contains only matured enzymes (that are fermented for 1,000 days or more) are proteins that help speed up chemical reactions in our bodies. Enzymes are essential for digestion, liver function and much more. Too much or too little of a certain enzyme can cause health problems. Enzymes in our blood can also help healthcare providers check for injuries and diseases. Due to our lifestyle and dietary habits, we now lacks raw plant food which cause us to be at least 95% deficient in our enzyme intake. It contains 2 large groups of enzymes. First, it is systemic enzyme. When systemic enzymes are taken, they stand ready in the blood and take the strain off of the liver by: Cleaning excess fibrin from the blood and reducing the stickiness of blood cells . These two actions minimize the leading causes of stroke and heart attack causing blood clots. (2)..Second, it is proteolytic enzyme. Proteolytic enzymes have many important functions in the body, including helping break down food for energy, and are found in certain foods and supplements. Studies suggest that they can improve digestion, decrease inflammation, ease arthritis pain and possibly reduce symptoms related to Ibs. It is 100% herbal, plant-based. [[MAIN BENEFITS]]: (1) Cools body heatiness. (2) Boosts faster recovery when high fever, unwell, infection (virus, dengue, influenza). (3) Alleviates food poisoning. (4) Relieves tummy discomfort. (5) Aids in indigestion. (6) Prevents allergies from food. (7) Serve as an effective alternative treatment for age-related diseases. [[RECOMMENDED USER]]: Adults, children of all ages, Suitable for person of all conditions including pre-condition, Highly recommended for person undergoing treatment, recovery, remission.

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Pour 20ml of Nano Canzyme concentrate into measuring cup provided FREE, into a cup. Add 200ml of water. Stir and drink.


- Avoid direct heat, open flame. - Keep out of children's reach

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