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Pasar Enoki Mushroom
Pasar Enoki Mushroom

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Till 4th Nov 2020

Key Information

  • Enoki mushrooms are small and grown in tightly packed bouquets. It is snow white from its long stem to its tiny cap. Though it is delicate and smooth, it offers a crunchy texture and mild earthy flavour.Health benefits:
  • • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • • Excellent immune system boosters

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  • Directions:
  • • Trim its ends
  • • Wash the mushroom and discard any slimy stemsEnoki mushrooms are best suited for both raw and cooked applications such as:
  • • Simmering
  • • Blanching
  • • BoilingEnoki mushrooms’ crunchy texture can be enjoyed through:
  • • Eaten fresh in salads
  • • Sautéed and added into stir-fries dishes
  • • Mixed into omelettes, risottos, curries, sushi or other dishes
  • • Most commonly used in hot pot soups
  • • Blanched in a soy sauce-based mixture and served as a main dish


  • • Store the mushrooms in the refrigerator and consume within one week of storage
  • • Once the packaging is opened, it is recommended to consume as soon as possible
  • • For prolonged storage after opening of package, wrap leftover mushrooms with a paper towel and store them in an unsealed bag - This is to keep them dry and prevent rotting