9 best things to do with the kids during Christmas

As 2021 draws to an end, what better way to celebrate than getting into the Christmas spirit! 

Spending some quality time with family and friends will help you to do just that. We can all agree that this past year has been challenging, and I think it’s fair to say we could all do with a bit of fun and holiday cheer!

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, make good use of the holidays and go ahead and indulge in some festivities! So, we’ve put together some fun and easy activities for the whole family to enjoy and make some happy memories to round the year off.

1. Deck the halls with boughs of holly

A fun family activity that even the littlest family member can enjoy is decorating the house for the festive season. Simple crafts like cutting out snowflakes from white paper and sticking them to the window will give the place a festive feel. You can also thread some of them on a couple of meters of string to make some festive bunting.

To make snowflake cutouts, you will need printouts of snowflakes, scissors, tape and a small hole punch and string. Carefully cut out the snowflakes, tape them to a window or hang it from a string.

You can also try your hand at making some 3D paper Christmas trees for your tablescapes. You can use Christmas felt garland decorations, card stock and other craft papers to make these trees for seasonal decorations.

2. Santa Claus is coming to town

Another activity that the kids will enjoy is making Santa hats to wear for Christmas parties or simply playing with! You can make many types of hats from simple (red) paper, glue and these cute Christmas Cotton Balls to more elaborate versions using felt, pompoms and various embellishments from sequins to ribbons. Find what works for your family and give it a go!

To make a Santa hat, use a bowl or circle shape to trace a circle on a piece of paper. Then cut a triangle slice out of it. Finally, roll it into a cone and tape it up.

3. I sure do like those Christmas cookies, Sugar!

A sure-fire way to get into the spirit of the holidays is a bit of festive baking! A recipe for Rudolph Butter Cupcakes, different Christmas themed cookie cutters, sprinkles and icing – what’s not to like? You may need to let your inner control freak go, as this may get a little messy, but trust us, it will be worth it! The kids will have so much fun getting creative and then having a delicious treat to eat at the end!

4. O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Turn decorating the tree into a fun-filled family activity and make some eco-friendly decorations. Or make keepsake memory decorations, turning the afternoon into a creative and crafty one!

Using candy canes is a great way to give the tree some Christmas spirit and colour! And for an eco-friendly tinsel option, try stringing some popcorn on a thread and draping it on the tree. (The popcorn should ideally be plain flavoured not to attract creepy crawlies, and warn the kids against eating them!)

Other fun tree ornaments to make are salt-dough handprints. It’s also a great way to create keepsake mementoes.

To make the salt dough mix together one cup flour, 3/4 cup salt and 1/2 cup water (double the quantities for two handprints) and roll out a disc large enough to fit the handprint. Take the disc of dough, and press the hand down in it. Then you can take a toothpick and write the child’s name inside the hand and the year.

Also, be sure to make a hole towards the top of the disc, to put some ribbon through, allowing you to hang the ornament on the tree. Once the dough print is dry, you can either paint it or leave it the natural dough colour. Ideally, you can paint it, so that it will keep well.

5. Wrap them gifts, wrap them good!

Wrapping the gifts doesn’t need to be a chore!

Get creative and make use of what is around you. Use sheets of newspaper for an environmentally friendly way of wrapping your presents. You can then use some unique embellishments to jazz it up! Ribbon or paper doilies can give a nice effect, as can tying little bundles of cinnamon sticks together with jute and adorning the packages with them, with a little help from a hot glue gun!

Rosemary sprigs also make a great addition to packages, not to mention smell fantastic! If you feel really crafty and creative, you can oven dry some thin slices of orange ahead, so they can also be attached to the packages. Just make sure they are completely dry.

6. It’s movie time!

There is nothing better than cranking up the aircon, snuggling on the sofa with a comfy blanket, and watching a good movie! So, what better time than the holidays to indulge in some classic hot chocolate with marshmallows and snuggle up with the kids to a feel-good Christmas movie. A perfect night-in during the holiday season!

7. Rocking around the Christmas tree

Who doesn’t love a good old Christmas tune?! You can organise virtual carolling together with your neighbours and loved ones. Or just have a good old fashioned family Christmas karaoke party at home in your Christmas PJs, with more quality hot cocoa and Christmas cookies!

8. Let them know it’s Christmas time! 

Christmas time is a great teaching opportunity for parents. We can teach our children to be kind and giving and that Christmas is not all about presents and indulging.

While out gift shopping for family and friends, encourage your little ones to choose a gift to donate to a less fortunate child. So for many, Christmas may be very different this year, and we can certainly try and help out in a small way!

9. Walking in a Winter Wonderland

While Christmas in Singapore is no winter wonderland, it doesn’t mean we are short of “wonder”. Take the family out to see the lights, decorations and wonders in town or check out the Poinsettia Exhibition at the Flower Dome. You could also just play tourist and wander about aimlessly discovering some new gems! Delight in the season’s offerings while spending time together.

Whatever you decide to do this season, remember to stay safe, have fun and take in some of this seasons’ splendour.

Did You Know?

Ice gem biscuits were not created in Singapore. The biscuit was first introduced in Britain in the 1950s; the icing was added in 1910!