Best ways to use up leftover deli

It’s the festive season and overeating is not only excused, but expected. The downside? We tend to overcook too. For many reasons — environmental, social, financial — it makes sense to get smarter about fully using food that we purchase. And that means getting smarter about leftovers! 

Your fridge is chock full of leftover festive deli but a microwaved plate of the same meats get tiresome. We’ve put together a few ideas on how to spruce up your next meal (no microwaves involved!)

Make stir fried rice

There’s nothing like a delicious meal with very little effort.

Use leftover rice (brown or white) or whip up a fresh batch, if you have to. A stir fry is your best bet for the next day’s meal – get everything prepped and laid out and it’ll come together in as quickly as 15 minutes. 

We’ve got the perfect Beef Fried Recipe for a little guidance.


Make breakfast sandwiches

Sandwiches are still the simplest way to go when it comes to using up leftovers. Cut up white or wholemeal bread into bite-sized slices, stuff with meat, veggies and mustard for an extra kick and you have yourself a main for your tapas. Use our recipe for Focaccia Pork Shoulder Sliders* as a guide!

Tip: Freezing meat the day before makes it easy to cut into very thin slices!

*Opt for a different type of meat to fit your diet requirements.

When you look at your stored deli, think “ingredients,” not “leftovers.”

Whip up a salad

Leftovers can be turned into amazing salads that will have you enjoying the holiday food a little longer – guilt-free! A simple salad with spinach or kale base is a great solution to being resourceful with dishes from the holiday season. Keep the holiday spirit alive with our recipe to a Yuletide Steak Salad Surprise.

Tip: Be smart when storing. Glass storage containers allow you to see what’s inside and help you keep track of leftovers. (Even better – they’re reusable and sustainable!)


Put it in pasta

When your appetite is calling for something substantial, break out the pasta. Toss strips of leftover steak with tomato pesto, black olives, fresh spinach, and crumbled feta, serve over penne. Voila!

Tip: Turn dinner into lunch. Another money- and time-saver for us busy people: Stash a lunch-able portion of dinner in a container and pack it for lunch the next day.

Pull out the leftover roast chicken or a few slices of steak from last night’s feast and get creative. You never know just how much food and money you could save!

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