7 recipes (and tips!) for Singapore’s common dishes!

Singapore Dishes

Singapore’s cuisine is colourful and diverse, with flavours hard to ignore! Originating across the region, these common dishes bring the joy of good food for good moods all around. 

Find out how to put a unique twist or create healthy versions of these everyday Singapore dishes and desserts! Be on the lookout for our special tips to wow your next dinner guest.

Rendang Shepherd’s Pie

Spreading from the shores of Indonesia, rendang is a spicy meat dish common to the streets of Singapore. Just look into a nearby Nasi Padang stall! With variations of chicken, duck, mutton or beef, rendang is often the star of celebration feasts during Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Instead of traditional rendang, up your host/hostess game with a western twist. Pack savoury meat into a buttery soft potato cast with this must-try recipe!

The perfect cut of meat:
Use boneless short ribs or stew-cut pieces. The cut ensures soft and tender meat once it’s cooked.

Chicken Brown Rice

A daily meal choice for locals and travellers alike, Hainanese Chicken Rice is a national food icon and is so popular that it has ascended from hawker centres to Michelin Star restaurants. It even got listed at #45 on the World’s 50 most delicious foods complied by CNN Go in 2011! Not bad for a local classic.

The original Hainanese Chicken Rice takes a bit of work but you can make yourself a plate of our guilt-free Chicken Brown Rice with our easy-to-follow recipe!

Star of the show:
You may think that the chicken is the star of this dish, but that’s not the case! Although undoubtedly chicken is a key component, the centerpiece is the rice; luxuriously cooked with chicken fat and chicken stock. For your home-cooked version to stand out, be sure to invest the time in specially cooking the rice in chicken stock instead of opting for plain rice.

Healthy Nasi Lemak

What dishes spring to mind when we say local? We bet Nasi Lemak is in your top 5!

This classic dish is readily available all over Singapore, with fellow locals always on the lookout for the best fiery chili to compliment their Nasi Lemak experience. Thinking of whipping up a batch for the family? Our healthy version will hit the spot!

Missing the chicken?
If you’re craving for the traditional fried chicken add-on, opt for a baked chicken breast option instead. Lather in a simple marinate of your choice overnight!

Mutton Korma with Saffron Rice
Mutton Korma with Saffron Rice

Succulent mutton slow-cooked in yogurt and spices paired with fluffy saffron rice? Count us in!

Mutton Korma can be feasted on with naan, prata, briyani or even plain rice. Try our version of the Mutton Korma with Saffron Rice for your next dinner!

Achieving a delicious pot of korma:
Be sure to use a fresh cut of lamb (or beef, if you’re changing it up!) and fresh yogurt instead of sour! It takes a lot of patience to cook this dish but it’s worth the wait. Use a low or medium flame as meat cooked on high always turns hard.

Hokkien Mee

Wet or dry, with thick or thin bee hoon, Hokkien Mee is not to be missed at Singapore’s hawker centres. It’s just attractive in it’s own way! We bet you’d agree that this dish is especially aromatic when you pop open the takeaway box and take that first whiff.

With the long queues at the best hawker stalls for this stir-fried extravaganza, we recommend a wok-twisting show in your own kitchen with our recipe.

Picking your prawns:
With prawns being the iconic seafood in Hokkien Mee, choosing quality ones are crucial to your dish! Avoid prawns that are limp, slimy, or falling apart – all of which are signs of decay. Opt for fresh prawns over frozen as the latter may not be as flavourful once cooked.

Teh Tarik Cupcakes
Teh Tarik Cupcakes

Teh Tarik has the beauty of simplicity; a drink made of lower grade Tea Dust turned special and affordable for the masses.

We know there’s nothing like a cup of Teh Tarik while catching up with friends. Recreate the best moments with a tasty twist – turning them into delightful moist cupcakes! The economical drink is made fancy with doses of flour, eggs and ample oven-time. Try out this simple recipe and serve them up to your buddies!

Your choice of Teh:
Choosing the right tea powder is essential in ensuring that you’ll love the end result. We recommend a Teh Tarik powder that you already love as a drink to be used in this recipe.

Sweet Potato Ondeh-Ondeh

Even in present day Singapore, you can find these classic glutinous rice balls everywhere.

Filled with palm sugar and coated with shredded coconut, it’s chewy texture is popular with many throughout Singapore and Malaysia. Its flavours have also been adapted to indulgent ondeh-ondeh cakes that you’ll find in trendy cafes. Cut no corners with this recipe for ondeh-ondeh with a twist of healthy sweet potato for a guilt-free dessert!

Sweet, sweet potato:
Large sweet potatoes tend to be starchier, so opt for small to medium ones that are sweet and creamy.

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