5 types of local Christmas shoppers and what they will buy

Types of local Christmas shoppers

A small celebration is still a celebration in these times — and there’s nothing better  than celebrating a “FairPrice Christmas Made in Singapore”!

From now to 30 December 2020, every minimum spend of $30 at FairPrice, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, FairPrice Shop, Unity and Warehouse Club stores, as well as Scan & Go qualifies you for one chance in the Christmas Draw for $160,000 worth of FairPrice Gift Cards weekly*. This means that you can multiply your winning chances as you shop for all your festive feasting.

So whether you bring the merry mood or local food or have your finger on the pulse of the trendiest gifts see if you agree to these 5 types of local shoppers and what they’ll buy in-store* for any party!

1. The Merry Maker

Ah, you’re one who brings the magic of Christmas to every party! Your penchant for red-and-white festive dressing always lights up any room. You also probably have an organised list for the feast: think Chocolate Santas, candy canes, as well as more sweet and savoury treats you know that everyone secretly loves. And they’ll love this pillowy soft and sweet Santa’s Tower is the perfect recipe for you. It’ll impress any guest at your upcoming festive gatherings!

Check out some of the sweetest ingredients you can buy:

Jar of Capilano pure honey

$13.55 per bottle
Save $1.10


Till 23 Dec

Punnet of Pasar Korean strawberry

$6.95 per punnet
Save $0.35

Korean Strawberry

Till 23 Dec


2. The Super Local 

‘Tis the season to be shiok! Bring to the table with a wide range of meat, seafood and poultry marinated and filled with flavours catered to local tastes. If salted egg is your thing, try rolling in an Asian twist with this scrumptious Salted Egg Pork Roulade. The uniquely local flavour will surely surprise and get everyone talking!

Speaking about talking, talk about a promotion you won’t be able to resist to make this scrumptious dish:

Slice of pork shoulder butt on a white plate

$1.45 per 100g
Save 20 cents per 100g

PASAR Australia
Chilled Pork Shoulder Butt

Till 23 Dec

3. The Classy Buddy

With a palate for the quality foods, you’re always ready to impress with classic Christmas spreads filled with stuff of top quality produce. From gouda cheeses to a Cabernet Sauvignon, you can get them all at affordable prices. You don’t need to break the bank to be classy!

Up the “ante” with this Rudoph’s Gin-gle and these ingredients:

Two Egypt pomegranates with a smiling face sticker

2 for $3.95
Save $3.65

Wonderful Pomegranates

Till 23 Dec 

Green bottle of anqueray London dry gin 700ml

$60.75 per bottle

London Dry Gin

4. The Trends Guru

You always have a knack of delighting with a bag of tricks! From mystery gifts to frozen pizzas, you’re always one step ahead of the trendy curve. Put your baking hat on and whip up these Berry Christmas Cookies that could double as an ornament if you really wanted to — that is, unless no one gobbles them up first!

Bake (pun intended) this dessert that doubles up as decoration with these ingredients and more:

Block of pure creamery butter

$17.95 per pack
Save $5.85

SCS Pure Creamery

Till 23 Dec 

Packet of Dole blueberries

2 for $9.95


5. The Easygoing Pal

You’re the easygoing pal who just wants everything to be fuss-free so everyone can enjoy the festivities! Shopping efficiently is your ethos — you’ve always got the greatest gift boxes, tipples and yummiest finger foods that create conversations. There’s no better way to create conversations than with this Rojak Trifle — a big and beautiful sight to behold! It calls for mostly ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook ingredients such as cookies and oats, so it’s definitely simpler to assemble than it may look.

This means that you’ll need to buy your ingredients in larger quantities than usual:

Big packet of instant oatmeal

$3.65 per pack

800g + 200g FREE Oatmeal
Instant/Quick cook

Try out these fun filters to which of these types of local Christmas shoppers you are and get inspired by the FairPrice and FairPrice Finest e-catalogues today!

*Terms & conditions apply.
**Available at your nearest FairPrice store.

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