Family Treasure Soup

Serving 5 pax
Preparation Time 50 mins
Skill Easy

1 pkt (500g) Jing Li Hwa Fish Ball with Fish Roe Filling

400ml FairPrice Canola Oil
200g Cooked Carrot Cake (Cubed)
200g Minced Pork
200g Long Cabbage / Wong Bok (Small Pieces)
200g White Radish / Daikon (Cubed)
20g Chinese Celery (Chopped)
4 pcs Shiitake Mushroom (Diced)
1 tsp Fish Sauce
½ tsp White Pepper Powder
20g Bonito Flakes
1.5 litre Water

20g Deep Fried Shallots
20g Deep Fried Garlic Flakes

*Available at your nearest FairPrice store.

  1. Heat up 400ml of FairPrice Canola Oil in a pot and deep fry the carrot cake until golden brown and set aside.
  2. To prepare the stock – Boil water and bonito flakes for 2 to 3 minutes. Strain and discard the bonito flakes and set aside.
  3. In a wok pan, stir fry the minced pork. Then add in mushrooms and long cabbage to stir fry together. Season with fish sauce and white pepper. Add in white radish/daikon and stir fry until fragrant over medium high heat. Pour in the bonito stock and bring to boil.
  4. Add in Chinese celery and fried carrot cake and Jing Li Hwa fish balls. Continue to simmer for another 2 min.
  5. Garnish with deep fried garlic and shallots and dish is ready to serve.
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