Salted Egg Squid Ring Recipe by Chef Mel Dean on the FairPrice Group app

Salted Egg Squid Ring by Chef Mel Dean

Crispy squid rings meet creamy sauce

Ikan Bakar Sutchi Recipe by Chef Mel Dean on the FairPrice Group app

Ikan Bakar Sutchi by Chef Mel Dean

Quick and delicious grilled fish

Cod Balado Hijau Recipe on the FairPrice Group app

Cod Balado Hijau by Chef Mel Dean

Pan-seared cod with a spicy sauce

Date Energy Ball Recipe on FairPrice Group app.

Date Energy Ball

No-bake energy balls.

Honey & Nut Baklava

An addictive festive favourite!

Truffle Cheese Prata (Waffle Style)

Bring back the bazaar feels.

Biryani Rice Bowl

Small Kitchen, Big Feast: Biryani Rice Bowl

Buffalo Cheesesteak Hotdog

Take your hot dog to the next level.

Honey Buih Thai Iced Tea

Have a taste of Thailand at home.

The Original Pisang Keju

The Original Pisang Keju

Enjoy these uniquely flavoured banana fritters at home!

Mug Date Cake

Mug Date Cake in four steps.

Pandan Latte

Fast brewing with no fuss!

Pulut Hitam Panna Cotta

Small Kitchen, Big Feast: Pulut Hitam Panna Cotta.

Kueh Jagung

Small Kitchen, Big Feast: Kueh Jagung.

Mango Raya Punch

Mango Raya Punch

Tango with mango.

Kellogg’s Chocolate Button Cookies

Chocolate Button Cookies

Delicious and cute as a button!

Tahu Goreng with Kicap Lemak Manis Mahsuri

Tahu Goreng

A classic must-try!

Chicken Rendang

Chicken Rendang

Spicy, mighty rendang for the festivities.

Ribena Blackcurrant Milk Pudding

Blackcurrant Milk Pudding

Delicious & rich in vitamins!

Kellogg’s Rendang Crips

Kellogg’s Rendang Crisps

A scrumptious snack for all!

Kellogg’s Raya Froot Loops

Kellogg’s Raya Froot Loops

Rejoice in the rainbow.

Kellogg's Lace Nibbles

Kellogg’s Lace Nibbles

Crunchy and crispy

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Pitta Wonder

Cornflakes on a pitta – must try!

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Makmur Cookies

A crunchy twist to these makmur cookies!

Kapitan Chicken Curry

Kapitan Chicken Curry

Whip up this wholesome center at your next feast!

Rendang Shepherd's Pie

Rendang Shepherd’s Pie

A little twist to the iconic savoury rendang!

Salted Gula Melaka Chocolate Chip Cookies

Salted Gula Melaka Chocolate Chip Cookies

Not your regular chocolate chip cookies.

Teh Tarik Cupcakes

Teh Tarik Cupcakes

Sweet and delicious Teh Tarik-flavoured treats!

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