Salted Egg Squid Ring by Chef Mel Dean

Serving 4
Preparation Time 25 mins
Skill Intermediate

400g RICH SEAS Frozen Squid Ring
2 tsp Curry Powder
180g Rice Flour
500ml Vegetable Cooking Oil

3 cloves Garlic (minced)
5 pcs Cooked Salted Egg Yolk (mashed)
4 tbsp Unsalted Butter
3 stalks Curry Leaves
4 Red Bird’s Eye Chillies (minced)
100ml Evaporated Milk
¼ tsp Salt
½ tsp Sugar

  1. Combine RICH SEAS FROZEN SQUID RING with curry powder.
  2. Then, coat the squid rings with rice flour.
  3. Dust each squid ring before adding it into the pre-heated cooking oil.
  4. Fry in small batches for 4 minutes till golden brown and drain on a paper towel.
  5. Melt butter in a pan, then add in the curry leaves, sauté until fragrant, then add in the garlic and bird’s eye chilli.
  6. Add in the mashed salted egg yolk, stir well until foamy, then add in the evaporated milk, salt and sugar and cook for 2 minutes at medium heat.
  7. Finally, add in the battered squid rings and mix well until the squid rings are fully coated.

Tips: To achieve a crunchier texture for the squid rings, after making the salted egg sauce, turn off the heat, then double fry the battered squid rings before adding them into the salted egg sauce.

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