Christmas Treat Candy Cane Sushi

Serving 3
Preparation Time 10 minutes
Skill Easy

1 cup Song He New Crop Rice
3 pieces Kelly’s Chicken Frankfurters
6 pieces Kelly’s Bacon Bits Luncheon Ham
12 slices Cucumbers
12 slices Carrots
2 pieces Nori Wrap
2 tbsp Sushi Vinegar
2 tsp Red & Green Food Powder
2 Eggs


Start cooking:

  1. Cook SongHe New Crop Rice.
  2. Fluff the rice once cooked and add in sushi vinegar.
  3. Divide the rice into 3 portions. To 1 portion, add red food powder/colouring. To 1 portion, add green food powder/colouring.
  4. Pan fry chicken Frankfurters and bacon bits luncheon ham.
  5. Make egg omelette.
  6. Boil carrots.
  7. Line sushi mat with cling wrap.
  8. Put a piece of seaweed nori on the mat and start to fill it up with rice. Alternate white rice with green rice and then red rice till the whole seaweed nori is fully covered with sushi rice. Occasionally wet your fingers so that the rice will not stick to your fingers.
  9. Flip over the fully covered nori such that now the coloured rice portion faces down on the mat and the seaweed nori faces upward.
  10. Put the meat, cucumber, eggs and carrots on the seaweed nori.
  11. Use the mat to roll up into sushi roll.
  12. Cut into smaller pieces.

Assemble and serve:

  1. Plate sushi like a candy cane and serve with wasabi, soy sauce & pickled ginger.
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