Teriyaki Stir Fried Australian Beef Eye Round

Serving 2
Preparation Time 1 hr
Skill Easy

150g Chilled Australian Beef Eye Round (2mm sliced)
40g Teriyaki Sauce
20g Potato Starch
15g Oil
1 Piece Garlic (sliced)
50g Onion (sliced)
10g Spring Onion (2cm long cut)




  1. Marinate Beef Eye Round slices with Teriyaki Sauce and Potato Starch for 1hour.
  2. Heat a Wok / Sauté Pan with oil, sauté sliced garlic, sliced onion and spring onion till fragrant for 1minute.
  3. Next add marinated beef eye round slices into wok / pan and sauté for 30secs constantly mixing to evenly cook meat.
  4. Season with teriyaki sauce and continue to sauté for another 20secs.
  5. Ready to serve.

Recipe from Meat & Livestock Australia, Created by Chef Elvin Chew

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