Nian Gao Spring Rolls with Gula Melaka Sauce (椰糖三色年糕卷)

Serving 3-4 pax
Preparation Time 30 mins
Skill Easy

1 Sweet Potato (cut evenly into thick sticks) 番薯 (切成厚长条状)
1 Nian Gao* (chilled overnight and cut evenly into thick sticks) 年糕 (冷冻过夜,切成厚长条状)
1 Yam (cut evenly into thick sticks) 芋头 (切成厚长条状)
5-10 sheets Spring Roll Pastry* 5-10张 春卷皮
1 Egg White 蛋清

Gula Melaka Sauce
150g Palm Sugar (Chopped) 150克 椰糖(剁碎)
100ml Coconut Cream 100毫升 椰奶
2 Pandan Leaves (Knotted) 2片 斑斓叶 (绑)
39g White Sugar 39克 白糖
600ml Water 600ml 毫升 水

*Available at your nearest FairPrice store

  1. Boil the sweet potato and yam for 3-5 mins until tender, but not mushy.
  2. Place a stick of sweet potato, chilled nian gao, and yam on a sheet of spring roll pastry.
  3. Fold the spring roll pastry over the ingredients to wrap them up.
  4. Brush a bit of egg white on the corner of the spring roll pastry to seal it.
  5. Air fry at 200°C for 4-5 mins or deep fry until golden-brown.

For the gula melaka sauce: 

  1. Combine the palm sugar, pandan leaves, white sugar, and water in a pot over low heat. Bring it to a boil and keep stirring until all the sugar dissolves completely.
  2. Remove from heat and discard the pandan leaves. Add coconut cream on medium heat and stir until it thickens slightly.
  3. Drizzle it over the nian gao spring rolls to serve!

Tip: The sweet potato will soften faster than the yam, so you can keep checking on its firmness compared to the other two ingredients as they cook.



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